Ancestors of Alan Thomas Stokes

8th Generation

Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents


THOMAS DAVIS, JR  2222232 (D. 1772).  Thomas Davis, Jr. was born to  Thomas Davis, Sr. and Rebecca . Thomas Davis, Jr. died April 16, 1772, in Sussex County, Virginia.   He married Jane or Jean.

JANE OR JEAN  2222233 (D. 1779).  Jane died October 21, 1779 in Sussex County, Virginia.   She married Thomas Davis.

           EDWARD DAVIS  2222233a
           ELIZABETH DAVIS   2222233b  married JAMES PORCH. 

           HARDIMAN DAVIS  2222233c 

           SARAH DAVIS  2222233d  , married BURREL WILBURN. 

           SUSANNA DAVIS  2222233e  

           THOMAS DAVIS  2222233f 

           ABIGAL DAVIS  2222233g , born December 02, 1740; married JOHN SPAIN. 

           FANNY DAVIS  2222233h , born September 10, 1743 in ALBEMARLE PARISH, VA.. 

            LUCY DAVIS  2222233i , born March 19, 1749/50. 

           CHARLES DAVIS  2222233j  , born February 23, 1751/52. 

            JANE (JINNA) DAVIS   2222233k (1755-1831).  Jane Davis is Alan's Great Great Great Great Grandparent and more information is available on her in the 7th Generation linked to her name.  

            WYAT DAVIS  2222233l , born January 08, 1758. 

           BECKY DAVIS  2222233m , born September 12, 1763. 


SAMPSON NEWSOM 2222322 (1711-1779).   Sampson Newsom was born in 1711 in Surry County, Virginia.  He married Mary Braswell about 1732, in Southampton, Virginia.  He died in 1779, in Southampton, Virginia.   Sampson Newsom's will was probated on May 13, 1779.  

MARY BRASWELL  2222323   (b. about 1714).   Mary Braswell was born about 1714, in Isle of Wight, Virginia.   She married Sampson Newsom about 1732, in Southampton, Virginia.  


BIBBY BOMAR  2232222 (1758-1832).  Bibby Bomar was born in 1758, in Halifax County, Virginia.   He married Ann Walker.  They had at least 10 children.  He died in 1832, in Halifax County, Virginia.

ANN WALKER  2232223  


JOHN MOORE  2233222 (1761-1842).   John Moore was born on September 5, 1761, in Louisa County, Virginia.   He fought in the Revolutionary War and applied for a pension and it passed on June 7, 1832.  He married Eleanor Marbury on October 4, 1786, in Rowan County, North Carolina.   John Moore died on January 6, 1842, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

ELEANOR MARBURY/MARBERRY  2233223 (1763-1851).    Eleanor Marbury or Marberry as some spell the family surname was born on December 17, 1763, in probably Prince Georges County, Maryland to Francis Marbury and Tabitha.   She married John Moore on October 4, 1786, in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Eleanor Marbury died on December 9, 1851, in Bedford County, Tennessee.


EDWARD BELL WOOTEN  2332222 (1765-1856).  Edward Wooten was born in April 20, 1765, in Virginia to  Edward Wooden and his unknown wife .    Edward Bell Wooten changed the spelling of his name and consequently that of his descendents from "Wooden" to "Wooten".   His older brother Jonathan Wooden (born about 1764 and marrried Catherine Waggy) kept the original spelling of Wooden in his family line.  Edward liked to be called "Bell".  He married Jane Gilliland on March 13, 1793, in Bath County, Virginia.   In addition to farming, Bell Woten taught one of the first two schools in Jay County, Indiana in 1835.   He died on May 12, 1856.  

JANE GILLILAND  233223  (1776-1864).   Jane Gilliland was born in Oct. 4, 1776, in Greenbrier County, West Virginia to  Samuel Gilliland and Elizabeth Smith . She died on April 24, 1864 in Fort Recovery, Mercer County, Ohio.   

           Sarah Elizabeth Moore, granddaughter of the Bell Wotens, wrote this about Jane (Gilliland) Woten, her grandmother:
"The story has been handed down that she rode as a midwife or doctor for 40 years and, if possible, would go wherever she was called, through the thick woods and across streams.   She had a real good side saddle, fixed so it would not slip or turn, and she seemed to be a woman of great pluck and perseverance.
One time, a man called for her to go to his house.   She told him she did not know how she would get there as her horse was smooth shod and could not cross the river on ice.   Her son Hugh said to his mother, “I you think you can ride my horse; I got him roughed today.”  She told the man he could go back and she would come.   She told Hugh to put the saddle on his horse and come see her across the river.   When they got started, Uncle Hugh told his mother to get the horse to running before he reached the river as he would stick [to] the ice better.   Uncle Hugh said that she had the horse running as long as he could hear her. ‘Tis said that Grandmother Jane Woten was a small woman.   She had a nervousness in one arm, called palsy.   A few years before she died, she had to have a loop sewed in the bosom of her dress to steady her hand so she could knit. 


HENRY HUGHES  2332232 (1750-About 1840).  Henry Hughes (1750-ca1840), a native of Richmond, Va., died at age 84 in Jackson County, Ohio.  As a lieutenant in the 7th Virginia Foot Regiment, Hughes was wounded at the  Battle of Cowpens in the Revolutionary War .   (Sarah E. Moore indicates that Henry Hughes’ wooden canteen was handed down to Henry Woten, Samuel’s son.)  The name of Henry Hughes’ wife is not known.

UNKNOWN  2332233 


ELIAS PORTER, SR.  2332322  (1756-1848).  Elias Porter, Sr. was born March 1756 in Virginia.  He served in the American Revolutionary War from Virginia.   He lived in Clermont County, Ohio from at least 1802 through the 1830's.   He later settled in Randolph County, Indiana, where he appears in the 1840 census.  He married Margaret Sly on February 28, 1786 in Frederick County, Virginia.  Elias Porter, Sr. died on November 4, 1848 in Randolph County, Indiana.  More information on Elias Porter's life can be found at  this website .

MARGARET SLY  2332323 (b. 1765).  Margaret Sly was born in 1765 in Frederick County, Virginia to  George Sly and Unknown .   


ABRAHAM EBERSOHL  3222222  Abraham Ebersohl was the son of  Johannes Ebersole & Unknown .

Unknown  3222223


BERNARD CARRELL  3323232  (1728-1805)  Bernard Carrell was born on Sept. 3, 1728, to  James Carrell, Jr. and Diana Van Kirk .  He is believed to have married twice.   His married his first wife whose name is "unknown" prior to 1762.  They had the following children:  Isaac (b. 1763), Cornelius (b. 1767), Rebecca (b. 1769), James (b. 1770), and Rachel (b. 1771).    He then married Lucretia McKnure and had at least two more children:  Rebecca (b. 1788), and Elias (b. 1795).  The Rebecca Carrell whose mother was Lucretia McKnure is the ancestor of Alan Stokes.    Bernard Carrell died on Aug. 1805, in Warminister Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.   

LUCRETIA MCKNURE  3323233 (about 1752-1825)  Lucretia McKnure was born about 1752, and married Bernard Carrell.    She had at least two children:  Rebecca Carrell (b. 1788) and Elias Carrell (b. 1795).    She died on June 12, 1825.  


CAPTAIN GIDEON GIFFORD 3332222 (1719-1789).  Capt. Gideon Gifford was born in Rochester, Massachusets on November 28, 1719.  He married Lois Jackson in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusets on March 14, 1742.  Gideon died after April 6, 1789 in Beekman Patent, Duchess County, New York, at approximately 69 years of age.   

LOIS JACKSON  3332223 (B. 1727)  Lois Jackson was born in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusets in 1727.   She was the daughter of Joseph Jackson and Remembrance Jackson.  


AMARIAH WHEELOCK 3333222 (1770-1839).  Amariah Wheelock was born on July 7, 1770, in Mendon, Worcester, Massachusets to  Benjamin Wheelock and Hannah Chapin .  Amariah Wheelock married Elizabeth Olds on May 2, 1793, in Alstead, New Hampshire.  Amariah Wheelock died on June 20, 1839 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.  

ELIZABETH OLDS  3333223 (B. 1772).  Elizabeth Olds was born on September 7, 1772, in Brookfield, Massachusets.   Elizabeth Olds married Amariah Wheelock on May 2, 1793, in Alstead, New Hampshire.   She died in Pierpoint, Ohio.   

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