Ancestors of Alan Thomas Stokes

7th Generation

Great Great Great Great Grandparents


CHRISTOPHER STOKES  222222 (1758-1822). Christopher Stokes was born Sept. 30, 1758, in Sussex County Virginia and died Nov. 14, 1822, in Rowan County, North Carolina.  He married Jane Davis.

JANE DAVIS  222223   (1755-1831).    Jane Davis was born March 1, 1755, in Sussex County, Virginia, the daughter of  Thomas Davis, Jr. and Jane .   She died on Nov. 14, 1831, in Rowan County, North Carolina.   


Check out Frank Chilton's Website where there is more information on the Stokes/Davis Descendents

            KINCHEN STOKES  222223a (1780-1863). Direct Descenent- See 6th Generation 

           SUSANNA STOKES 222223b (1781-1864).    Susanna Stokes was born in 1781, in Virginia.  Susanna died in 1864; she was 83. Susanna married John ADDERTON, born in 1770 in Rowan County, North Carolina.   John died in Davidson County, North Carolina on Feb. 23, 1837 at the age of 67.   

           WILLIAM STOKES  222223c (1784-1864).   William Stokes was born on March 3, 1784, in Rowan County, North Carolina.  William Stokes married Elizabeth Daniel.   They had the following 9 children:  Littleberry Stokes (b. August 2, 1807 in Rowan County, NC); Kinchen Stokes (b. September 30, 1808 in Rowan County, NC); William Stokes, Jr. (b. September 1, 1812); Nancy Stokes (b. September 17, 1814); Rebecca Stokes (b. January 29, 1821); Jane Stokes (b. 1822); Elizabeth Stokes (b. March 22, 1823 in Rowan County, North Carolina); Thomas Stokes (b. 1825); and Lucinda Stokes (b. December 12, 1826).    William Stokes died on February 12, 1864, in Rowan County, North Carolina. 


LEWIS NEWSOM   222232   (b. 1748)  Lewis Newsom was born December 6, 1748, in Albermarle Parish, Abermarle, Virginia (Southhampton County) the son of  Sampson Newsom and Mary Braswell.  His Christening occured on Jan. 22, 1749.   He married Mildred Vick on about 1769 in Albermarle Parish, Surry, Virginia.   He died in Rowan County, North Carolina sometime between 1799-1839.    Larry Newsom wrote, "Lewis later moved to Northhampton County NC before moving to Randolph County, NC near Asheboro NC. He must have had wanderlust because he was later found listed in a Davidson County census report, living in Davidson County, Tennessee in Newsom’s Mill. A quarry located there called Newsom’s quarry produced Marble for many State government Buildings in Nashville. " 

MILDRED "MILLY" VICK  222233  (b. 1750).  Mildred "Milly" Vick was born in 1750 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  She married Lewis Newsom about 1769 in Albermarle Parish, Surry, Virginia.  


JOHN MOORE  2233222 (1761-1842).   John Moore was born on September 5, 1761, in Louisa County, Virginia.   He fought in the Revolutionary War and applied for a pension and it passed on June 7, 1832.  He married Eleanor Marbury on October 4, 1786, in Rowan County, North Carolina.   John Moore died on January 6, 1842, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

ELEANOR MARBURY/MARBERRY  2233223 (1763-1851).    Eleanor Marbury or Marberry as some spell the family surname was born on December 17, 1763, in probably Prince Georges County, Maryland to Francis Marbury and Tabitha.   She married John Moore on October 4, 1786, in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Eleanor Marbury died on December 9, 1851, in Bedford County, Tennessee.


ELIJAH BOMAR  223222 (1782-1860).   Elijah Bomar was born in 1782, in  Halifax County, Virginia.  He married Frances Harris on October 10, 1809, in Halifax County, Virginia.   He died about 1860 in Bedford County, Tennessee.

FRANCES HARRIS  223223 (1788-1852).  Frances Harris was born on October 12, 1788, in  Halifax County, Virginia .   She married Elijah Bomar on October 10, 1809, in Halifax County, Virginia.  She died on May 24, 1852, in Bedford County, Tennessee.


GREEN M. MOORE  223322 (B. 1803).  Green M. Moore was born in 1803 in Tennessee to  John Moore and Eleanor Marbury/Marberry .   He died probably in Arkansas.

SARAH COOPER   223323  (B. 1799).  Sarah Cooper was born in 1799, in Carter County, Tennessee.  


HENRY HOLT  223332 (1792-1864).  Henry Holt was born in 1792 and died on March 1, 1864, in Bedford County, Tennessee.    He married Elizabeth "Bettie" McGuire on February 7, 1819, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

ELIZABETH "BETTIE" MCGUIRE  223333 (1803-1887).  Elizabeth McGuire was born on July 22, 1803, in Lincoln, Kentucky.    She died June 15, 1887, in Bedford County, Tennessee.  


SAMUEL WOTEN 233222 (1793-1846).  Samuel Woten was born on December 21, 1793, to  Edward Bell Wooten and Jane Gilliland .  He married Hethy Hughes on October 19, 1820.  

HETHENDER HUGHES 233223 (1794-1858).  Hethy Hughes was born in 1794 in Kentucky to  Henry Hughes and Unknown .   Hethy Hughes married Samuel Woten on October 19, 1820.  She died in 1858.  


 I am indebted to  the following website for Porter/Steel Information and Old Photos .

GEORGE PORTER 233232  (1792-1865)  George Porter was born in 1792 in Virginia to  Elias Porter, Sr. and Margaret Sly .  He lived in Clermont County, Ohio with his family and moved to Randolph County, Indiana in 1829, purchasing 25 acres in Jackson Township in 1830.  He married Elizabeth Steel on January 30, 1813 in Clermont County, Ohio.   After Elizabeth Steel's death in 1850/1852, he married Jane Rhine on October 6, 1852 in Jay County, Indiana.   He died in Randolph County, Indiana of  smallpox on February 19, 1865.  The picture below was taken of George Porter about 1860.  

ELIZABETH STEEL  233233  Elizabeth Steel was born on February 8, 1793, to  Ninian Steel and Jane Armstrong.  Elizabeth Steel died in Randolph County, Indiana in 1850/1852.  For more information on Porter/Steel descendents see  this webpage .  The photo below if of Elizabeth Steel.  


JACOB EBERSOLE  322222   Jacob Ebersole was the son of  Abraham Ebersohl & Unknown .

Unknown  322223


JOHN MINNICH  322232 (1764-1841).

UNKNOWN  322233


DAVID GAMBLE  332322   (b. 1784)   David Gamble was born on January 22, 1784, in Antrim, Antrim, Ireland.  David married Rebecca Carrell about 1809, in Warminster Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania.    They left Pennsylvania shortly after and settled in Groveland, Livingston, Co, New York, where they raised eleven children.    

REBECCA CARRELL  332323  (1788-1832) Rebecca Carrell was born in 1788, to  Bernard Carrell and Lucretia McKnure .   She is not to be confused with a daughter that her father had by a previous marriage born in 1769, who was also called Rebecca Carrell.   She married David Gamble of Ireland about 1809.  They left Pennsylvania shortly after and settled in Groveland, Livingston Co, New York, where they raised eleven children.    One of those children was  Thomas Gamble  who was born on Aug. 2, 1824, in Groveland, Livingston Co, New York.  Rebecca died on April 2, 1832, in Groveland, New York.       


JOHN KUDER  332332 (b. 1802) John Kuder was born in 1802 in what is now Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  In 1829 he moved to Livingston County, New York, first to Sparta, then to Groveland, where he bought a 160 acre farm on what became known as Kuder Hill Road, south of the head of Conesus Lake.  He lived there the rest of his life.  He married Catherine Lorish.

CATHERINE LORISH  332333 (b. 1807-1896)  Catherine Lorish was born in 1805 or 1807 in Columbia County, Pennsylvania.  She died in 1896.

           George Kuder 332333a (b. 1829) George Kuder was born in 1829 in New York. In 1887 he resided in West Point, Mississippi.

            Rebecca H. Kuder  332333b (b. 1824)  Direct Descendent- See Generation 6

            Sarah Kuder 332333c (b. 1832 or 1836)  Sarah Kuder was born in 1832 or 1836 in Livingston County, New York. She married a man named Brown and in 1887 they were living in Conesus, Livingston County, New York.  

           Andrew Kuder  332333d (1838-1899) 

The picture above of Andrew Kuder is posted on his page on the Medal of Honor Website .

Andrew Kuder was born November 11, 1838 in Groveland, Livingston County, New York.  He attended Genesee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima, Livingston County.  This institution later merged with Syracuse University and the  Elim Bible Institute  (still active today) purchased it's land and buildings.  He taught school one year in Michigan, and then returned to New York.  He served in the Civil War by enlisting at Rochester, New York on August 25, 1862, as a Private in the 8th N.Y.-Vol. Calvary.  He was promoted successively to Corporal, Sergent, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, and Captain.  He was awarded a Medal of Honor by Congress for distinguished bravery (capture of a flag from a division of Gen. Jubal Early's raiders at the  Battle of Waynesboro in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia on March 2, 1865).  He was discharged June 26, 1865 at Rochester, New York.

After military service, Andrew purchased a homestead on the Town Line Road between Livonia and Conesus in Livingston County, New York, just east of present U.S. Rt. 15, where he remained as a farmer for the rest of his life.  He married Mary Loomis Hitchcock (b. March, 1840 and died May 31, 1921) on Nov. 15, 1865.  They had the following children: Halcyone Kuder (B. Dec. 17, 1867); Dwight H. Kuder (B. Nov. 1872); Catherine Lorish Kuder (B. May, 1878).  Andrew served as assessor in Conesus and also for two years as President of the  Hemlock Agricultural Society, which to this day still operates a fair that is on the National Registry of Historical Places.  He was struck by lightning while at work in the carriage house on his farm in Conesus and died on April 30, 1899.  He was buried in Arnold Cemetery, Conesus.  The photo below is of the original and new marker made for him as a Medal of Honor recepient.

           Caroline Kuder  332333e(b. 1843).   Caroline Kuder was born in 1843 or 1844 in Livingston County, New York.  She married a man named Chapin.

           Marietta (Mary E.) Kuder  332333f (b. 1847) Mary E. Kuder was born in 1847.  She married a man named Moulton.  In 1887, there residence was Allen County, Ohio.  

Source for the Above Information on Kuder/Lorish Children: "Kuder-Kuter-Cooter-Cooder Families" written by Robert C. Kuder


WILLIAM GIFFORD  333222 (1758-1846)  William Gifford was born on January 28, 1758, in Duchess County, New York to  Capt. Gideon Gifford and Lois Jackson .   He married Elizabeth about 1785.  William Gifford moved to Erie County Pennsylvania in 1830 to be near his children.   William Gifford died on August 15, 1846 in Greenfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  He is buried in Hoag Cemetery in Harbor Creek Township, Pennsylvania.  

ELIZABETH  333223  (b. ABOUT 1760).  Elizabeth was born about 1760.  


ALDEN WHEELOCK  333322 (1795-1844).  Alden Wheelock was born on November 13, 1795, in Alstead, New Hampshire to  Amariah Wheelock and Elizabeth Olds .   Alden Wheelock married Elsie Morey.  Alden Wheelock died on July 8, 1844.  

ELSIE MOREY  333323 (1800-1854).   Elsie Morey was born on April 5, 1800.  Elsie Morey married Alden Wheelock.   Elsie Morey died on January 11, 1854.  


           Emeline Wheelock 333323a  (1824-1864).  Emeline Wheelock was born December 14, 1824, in Ohio.  She married Chauncy Clark.  Emeline Wheelock died on October 20, 1864, in Erie County, Pennsylvania. 

            Orville Wheelock  333323b (1826-1862).  Direct Descendent- See Generation 6

           Chapin Gilbert Wheelock  333323c  (1827-1915).  Chapin Wheelock was born on October 22, 1827 in Trumbell, Ohio.  He married Eliza A. Slade on October 21, 1855, in Ionia County, Michigan.   Chapin Gilbert Wheelock died on October 3, 1915 in Rocky Ford, Otera County, Colorado.  

           Sarah Almira Wheelock  333323d  (1829-1899).  Sarah Wheelock was born on April 18, 1829 in Trumbell, Ohio.  She married John S. McClintock on March 22, 1853, in Ionia County, Michigan.  Sarah Wheelock died on May 11, 1899, in Cook County, Illinois.  
           Lafayette Wheelock  333323e (1831-1832).  Lafayette Wheelock was born on May 14, 1831, in Trumbell, Ohio.  He died in infancy in February, 1832.  

           Maryette Eliza Wheelock  333323f (1831-1881).  Maryette Wheelock was born on May 14, 1831, in Trumbell, Ohio.  It appears that Maryette and Lafayette were twins.   Maryette married Erastus Robinson on November 26, 1852, in Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan.   She died on February 27, 1881, in Michigan.

           Julia Susan Wheelock  333323g (1833-1900)  Julia Susan Wheelock was born on October 7, 1833, in Avon, Ohio.  She died on June 7, 1900.  She was a  Michigan Relief Agent during the Civil War.  She earned the name "Michigan's Florence Nightingale".   Julia Wheelock is on the far left of this picture below, where she is helping some soldiers.   The Encyclopedia of American Biography writes this about her:

WHEELOCK, MRS. JULIA SUSAN, hospital nurse, was born Oct. 7, 1833, in Avon, Ohio. In 1865-73 she held a clerkship in the United States treasury department. In 1873 she married Parter C. Freeman, with whom she has since resided in Middleville, Mich., and Springfield, Mo. Her journal was published as The Boys in White, the Experience of a Hospital Agent in and around Washington.

           Susan Wheelock  333323h (B. about 1834).  Susan Wheelock was born about 1834 in Avon, Ohio.

           Rozilla Cordelia Wheelock 333323i (1835-1923).  Rozilla Wheelock was born in April 10, 1835 in Pennsylvania.  She married Homer Judson Smith on August 28, 1853, in Ronald Township, Ionia County, Michigan.  Rozilla Wheelock died on April 18, 1923, in Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota.  She is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Columbia, South Dakota.

           Martha Melissa Ann Wheelock 333323j (1837-1843).  Martha Wheelock was born October 5, 1837 in Ohio.  She died in June, 1843.  

           Celestia Delila Wheelock 333323k (1843-1873).  Celestia Wheelock was born on April 17, 1843 and died on March 1, 1873.  

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